48 Good Fundraising Ideas for Schools (High, Medium + Examples) (2023)

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Top 48 fundraisers for schools Our most popular fundraising ideas for schools 1. Reading party 2. Two Farmers Market 3. Stone soup 4. Other soups-er-soups Easy fundraisers for schools 5. Sweet lyrics 6. Saia para comer para only 7. Sell goodies Choose Funraise to help your school's fundraiser Fun fundraising ideas for schools 8. Photo to raise funds 9. Iron Chef Roast Promotion 10. Board game night Fundraising Ideas for Preschoolers 11th Talent Show between Parents and Children 12th parents night 13. Toy Reform Day Fundraising Ideas for Elementary Schools 14. Pajama Day and Pancake Breakfast 15. Maple Syrup Fundraising 16. No bake sale 17. Sale without baking Part 2: Also without baking High School Fundraising Ideas 18. Nightmare Before Christmas 19. He can drive 20th minigolf tournament High School Fundraising Ideas 21. Go screenless 22. Study marathon 23. Market and craft market Fundraising Ideas for the Senior Class Spring School Fundraising Ideas 27. Easter Eggs/Treasure Hunts 28. Wash it all 29. Block Party Back to school fundraising ideas 30. Spending the night at school 31 Eternal Summer Festival 32. Sale of school supplies Fundraisers for schools that make the most money 33. Walk-marathon-dance-marathon 34. The Family Doormat 35th Gastronomic Festival Fundraising ideas for school clubs 36th Cultural Fashion Show 37. Lessons for Good 38. Hot drinks around the world Food Collection for Schools 39. Food fight 40th Gastronomic Contest 41. Battle of the Sweet Potatoes Collection of school supplies. 42nd backpack collection 43. Crowdfunding for school supplies 44th Student Art Sale Student council fundraising ideas 45. Giant Pumpkin Popsicle 46. ​​​Send seasonal flowers 47. Pack it all 48. Haz rap The 5 most successful fundraisers for schools 1. Jacobs Elementary School's 18th Annual Reading Marathon Doubled Expectations 2. Arrive at the Plant City Silent Auction and Wine Tasting, which raised over $40,000 3. The Fremont High School Walk Helped Students and Others 4. Lyles-Crouch PTA's Lion Fest Raised Nearly $50,000 After Cancellation In 2020 5. The Norwood High School Craft Fair was all about community Find out how Funraise can help you with your school fundraising ideas Fundraising for Schools: Final Points FAQs Videos

Welcome class. We are very happy to have you with us. Today we're going to learn the best fundraising ideas for schools so you can raise money, build a community, and give every child the educational experience they deserve. So put your thinking cap on and let's get started.

Top 48 fundraisers for schools

In an ideal world, all schools would have unlimited funding for courses, technology upgrades, gaming equipment, and more. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. If you're turning to fundraising to raise money for your school, these are the best fundraisers to support the next generation, guaranteed to make you your teacher's mascot.

Our most popular fundraising ideas for schools

There's not a bad idea, but there are certainly some that are a little better. To get you started, check out our top fundraisers for schoolsFundraising-Ideenmake sure you teach everyone a lesson. (But in a good way!)

1. Reading party

Encourage children to read and raise money for a good cause? It's all here in a brilliant peer-to-peer fundraiser for schools. Friends and family sponsor aspiring book readers by pledging a certain amount of money for every minute or page read. Students then turn off the TV and read as much as they can to reach their fundraising goal.

2. Two Farmers Market

Many of us grow our own vegetables, fruits, herbs or flowers, often finding ourselves with A LOT of zucchini in our hands. In lieu of the traditional bake sale, students and their families can sell their surplus produce at the school's farmers market. And hey, if you want to add a mini bake sale to the mix, let's not judge. Finally, the kale and crackers completely cancel each other out.

3. Stone soup

We've all read the popular story and it's more than a lesson: it's a great fundraising idea! Get some really big pots and some really tasty rocks and have everyone bring an ingredient they like. Cook, stir, then sell stone soup bowls. And here's a bonus tip: consider making different stone soups to accommodate different dietary restrictions.

4. Other soups-er-soups

While we're on the soup train (mmm... soup train), why not maximize your fundraiser or host a follow-up event asking families to whip up a pot of their favorite soup crop? From matzah balls and miso to minestrone and mulligatawny, you'll experience new flavors and learn about different cultures. Also, consider asking local businesses to donate soups! You can distribute 10% off coupons to attract people to your restaurants.

Easy fundraisers for schools

Anyone with kids knows what it's like to be short on time and energy, and that means the best fundraising ideas are the most fun. If you want fundraising as easy as ABC, check out these easy fundraising ideas for schools.

5. Sweet lyrics

First on our list of easy fundraising ideas for schools is the Old Letters Campaign. This works best for kids who are still brushing up on their writing skills because their letters are super adorable. Have each child write directly to their friends and family and explain in their own words why they are raising money. Turn in the notes to make this a low-cost, high-return fundraiser.

6. Saia para comer para only

For this super-easy school fundraiser (and a classic in the nonprofit fundraising world), all you need is a local restaurant or business that donates a percentage of their daily profits to your school. Since you work with local businesses, you want to help them too. By choosing a slow day and promoting the event at school and on social media, you attract more customers and pay off the return.

7. Sell goodies

It's not the most creative, but it's one of those simple, classic school fundraisers. In many places, from Krispy Kreme to Aunt Anne's Pretzels, you can buy their wares at a discount and sell them for a profit. Students of all ages can go door-to-door (with a parent for the little ones!) or shop in a popular area. Then just wait for the hungry hordes.

Choose Funraise to help your school's fundraiser

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Fun fundraising ideas for schools

At Funraise, we believe fundraising should be fun (wait). Of course, we have lots of fun fundraising ideas for schools. Ugh, can you say that three times as fast? If you just want to relax and raise funds in a fun way then these fun school fundraisers will do the trick.

8. Photo to raise funds

Kids love taking pictures, right? Lend them your iPhones (get a guarantee first), buy some Polaroid cameras, or rent equipment. Then let the kids take pictures as they please. Here's a fun school fundraising idea: ask a volunteer to help kids improve their photography skills and charge a small fee to participate, crowdfund by posting on social media and/or select the best photos for a calendar for the parents

9. Iron Chef Roast Promotion

Everyone loves a theme, so make your typical bake sale a little more exciting by choosing a secret ingredient to include in all your baked goods. Email it to everyone a few days in advance. Then they must use it in their sweet and gooey creations. Chocolate or citrus fruits are easy, but people can spend a lot of money to see who can successfully bake a kale pie.

(Video) 48 Fundraising Ideas in Under 8 Minutes

10. Board game night

Then how about fun fundraising ideas for schools? How about a board game night? Invite students and their families to change into their best sportswear or pajamas and participate in an evening of friendly competition. He charges a small entrance fee and sells popcorn and hot chocolate to raise additional funds. They might even sell raffle tickets and give out some game-themed prizes — old Atari games, anyone?

Fundraising Ideas for Preschoolers

School fundraising starts early these days! There are many opportunities for younger students to fundraise and collect souvenirs. Get started with these completely tantrum-free preschool fundraising ideas.

11th Talent Show between Parents and Children

Yes, preschoolers are probably less "talented" than their seniors, but whatever talent they have will also be highly endearing. So we like the idea of ​​a childcare talent show involving everyone in the fundraiser. Parents, guardians or guardians can support children in their debut on the big stages or vice versa. Calling all amateur magicians: A four year old magician sounds like a lot of fun to us!

12th parents night

For a small donation, teachers and staff take care of children for one night. This is a great fundraiser because everyone wins: the school gets much needed funding, the kids socialize, and the parents get to watch Netflix and relax (no, we don't explain this to the kids).

13. Toy Reform Day

Bring out your permanent marker hairless Furbies and Barbies - it's time for a makeover. Ask the art teacher for help, get volunteer parents together or hire a professional makeup artist and breathe new life into those tired toys with a new look. And here's a classic fundraising strategy: post the results on social media and ask community members to vote on the best renovation, for a donation of course. The toy with the most votes wins a spa day.

Fundraising Ideas for Elementary Schools

We all know that time makes them bolder and children grow up. When kids are in elementary school, fundraising is a great opportunity to give back to your community and learn to give back. Below are some fundraising ideas for elementary schools.

14. Pajama Day and Pancake Breakfast

Who needs pants? A slumber party is a classic middle school fundraiser: Everyone wears their best pajamas, and you provide the pancakes, toppings, juice, and coffee (for the sleepy parents, of course). Sell ​​tickets to enjoy the fantastic morning brunch. After the parents leave, schedule an early break, followed by a special lunch to sleep in and recover from the inevitable sugar crash.

15. Maple Syrup Fundraising

Want to make your pancake breakfast a little fancier and boost your fundraising efforts? If you live in New England, you can touch trees and teach kids how to make maple syrup. Sure, a gallon of juice makes a teaspoon of syrup, so you should be charging $100 an ounce, but... can you really put a price on how maple syrup is made? We don't believe.

16. No bake sale

Kids in grade school are just learning to cook, so no-bake sales are a great way to teach the basics without having to turn on the oven, and they're great fundraising ideas for grade school. Wait until the weather is nice and warm; Then organize a sale of no-bake treats to keep everyone fresh, even in the kitchen.

17. Sale without baking Part 2: Also without baking

Would you like to try even less? We get it, soulmate. Here are your 2-for-1 fundraising ideas for elementary schools: Grab yesterday's goodies from local bakeries and sell them at a profit. Trust us, they are still super delicious!

High School Fundraising Ideas

Ah, schoolgirl, if you're not a girl, you're not a woman. (Can you tell we heard a lot of Britney in high school?) When it comes to high school fundraising ideas, it's best to make them as un-embarrassing as possible. With that in mind, here are some rewarding high school fundraising ideas.

18. Nightmare Before Christmas

It's like a haunted house, but so is Christmas. Add some skeletal Dreidelbären, maybe a Krampus mummy. Incorporate aspects of winter holidays across the world from Diwali to Kwanzaa, and throw in some mummies and ghouls. But please, with all that defines Jack Skeleton, check with students and their families that everything is culturally appropriate and that nothing is too scary. After all, these are still high school fundraising ideas.

19. He can drive

All those recyclables can really add up! Take a can and bottle ride with all the nickels back to school. You can increase the return by also organizing a beach cleanup day where students pick up trash and then donate recyclables. You can also organize a drive to recycle electronics, old clothes, and more.

20th minigolf tournament

This fundraiser is a hole in one. (We know we're so smart and subtle with our humor.) All you need is a miniature golf course and a donations page to make this a successful fundraiser. You raise funds by selling tickets, asking local businesses to sponsor a hole, and selling additional raffle tickets. Invite the entire school community to participate!

High School Fundraising Ideas

The years go by so fast, don't they? Somehow we are already moving on to high school fundraising ideas.

(Video) Successful Fundraising Ideas High School - High School Fundraising Ideas

21. Go screenless

These fun high school fundraising ideas are for all the parents who would pay a small fortune to have their kids watch on their phones for 10 minutes, although we bet those same parents could use less screen time too. Make screen time a family sacrifice that pays dividends, raising funds for every hour (or day) spent off screen. You can download apps to fulfill your surprisingly difficult promise. Consider turning it into a friendly competition with a prize for the student who lasts the longest. Another reason to choose this screenless fundraiser is that it's one in a millionfree donation ideas.

22. Study marathon

Let's face it: learning is very necessary, but it can feel a little thankless at times. With a Studiena-Thon, students are rewarded for putting their nose to the grinding wheel. For every 20 minutes you spend studying for the SAT or working on college essays, the school receives a donation. Then everyone goes to Harvard and all is well with the world! Talk about our top high school fundraisers.

23. Market and craft market

Gather all the unwanted trinkets and use them at a yard sale or yard sale! If students or parents have hidden artistic talents, they can also set up a booth selling their hand-knitted gerbil hats and donating 20% ​​of the proceeds to the school.

Fundraising Ideas for the Senior Class

Before you embark on what's to come, you need some senior year fundraising ideas to make your senior year the best one yet. Year. Ever. See our amazing senior fundraisers below.

24. Community dinner

End the school year with a quiet dinner to raise funds for the community. The school prepares a main meal and invites other high school students and their families to join them. Each group brings a page and, of course, a donation. Also, consider supporting a local nonprofit by asking guests to bring canned food or personal care products.

25. School Spirit Shop

Before you go, show your school spirit by running an online or in-person school store that only sells school-related merchandise. From pens and notebooks to T-shirts and face masks, everything is branded with the school's logo or emblazoned with the school's colors. This requires some upfront costs, but it can really pay off in the end.

26. Curiosities between teacher and student

Then come the fundraising ideas for seniors: It's a student-versus-teacher trivia competition. Form teams and try to divide the categories equally so that everyone can play. But be warned: you might be surprised how much knowledge of pop culture your math teacher has! You can sell tickets to watch the match.

Spring School Fundraising Ideas

When the snow melts (if you're in a warmer climate, it's a metaphorical melt), everyone wants to go out and fundraise! These school fundraising ideas are sure to inspire you.

27. Easter Eggs/Treasure Hunts

Kids love, love, love the Easter egg hunt! But why stop there? Go on a combined scavenger hunt and Easter egg hunt (treasure hunt?) and throw the eggs all over town. Give the kids clues and offer a special prize to the first one to find all the eggs! Another piece of advice: now is the time to get rid of those plastic eggs; look for compostable eggs made from cornstarch or paper. Then fill them with all kinds of eco-friendly treasures, from seed packets to snacks, for this spring school fundraiser.

28. Wash it all

You can organize a car wash or car wash where parishioners bring in what they need to wash and you scrub. Puppy? plated. Shoes? varnished sofa? Vacuum sealed. Litter? Naked. Well, we're not sure about the last one, but you get the point.

29. Block Party

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and we all want to go outside. This makes a fundraising party the perfect spring school fundraiser. Turn it into a dinner or buffet, live music or playlist, lawn chair or BYO seat and make sure you have plenty of entertainment for students of all ages - think sidewalk chalk, hula hoops, skipping ropes and bubbles.

Back to school fundraising ideas

The summer days off are over and the kids are back at school. That means it's time to ramp up your fundraising! Set the stage for a successful school year with these back-to-school fundraising ideas.

30. Spending the night at school

Having the kids back at school is a nice break for some parents, but you know what an even better break is? Take the kids back to school overnight. Start by inviting the whole family to a movie night at the gym. Then the parents leave and the students stay until morning. It's a party for everyone! Well, except for teachers, but that's a problem for the PTA.

31 Eternal Summer Festival

Everyone misses summer already, so why not capitalize on it with a summer-themed fundraiser? Cover the gym floor with sand, put a slide on the grass and eat ice cream even when it's cold outside! It's about having one last hurrah.

32. Sale of school supplies

With the start of a new school year, students of all ages are in need of pens, notebooks and hole punchers. Rather than supporting Amazon, selling school supplies to students is a great opportunity to support the school community. Set up a drop-off and pick-up store across from the school.

(Video) Fundraising Ideas For Band Boosters | Visit www.donasity.com

Fundraisers for schools that make the most money

Maybe you need to fund a new playground or upgrade your computer lab. When you have big school expenses, you need a lot of money, and that means you need highly profitable school fundraisers. Here are some fundraising ideas for schools that are raising more money.

33. Walk-marathon-dance-marathon

We all saw a lot of walking and some dancing. But how about a walk-a-thon dance marathon? Each participant sets up a fundraising page for donations online, then shakes and climbs along a defined path towards the fundraising goal. Original costumes and dance moves are encouraged.

34. The Family Doormat

If you look up "family fun" in the dictionary, you'll probably find "picnic". Imagine the grace of children jumping in sack races, or the graceful clumsiness of an adult paired with a child in a three-legged race. Make this fundraiser a big event (with great fundraising opportunities) by soliciting sponsorships from local vendors, selling T-shirts and bottled water, and setting up a concession stand. If it rains, you can always virtually stream your egg-and-spoon relay race live from your living room—just put down a tablecloth first.

35th Gastronomic Festival

If you're willing to get ambitious, a food festival can be a great fundraiser. Pick a gourmet theme, be it garlic, cheese or boba, and go wild. You need to find vendors, find a space, and then market the event. You can host all kinds of fun headliners, including a themed barbecue, tastings and talks. Sell ​​tickets in advance with higher tiers including additional samples and withdrawals.

Fundraising ideas for school clubs

Most school clubs don't have the biggest budgets; Luckily, we have some school club fundraising ideas that can help. Whether you need airline tickets for a trip or new uniforms, these school club fundraisers will help you get there.

36th Cultural Fashion Show

Every culture has food, traditions and fashion to be proud of! Rather than hosting another food-based event, how about educating about cultural fads, their history, and their role as part of that particular culture's traditions? This is an especially good fundraiser for clubs based on a specific culture or language.

37. Lessons for Good

A classic fundraising idea for high school clubs, offer your academic and experiential experience in exchange for donations. French club members can teach French, football professionals can give private football lessons. There is something for everyone! You might also consider running a silent auction where community members can bid to learn from talented team members. Cousin! if you are lookingFundraising ideas during COVID, genial.

38. Hot drinks around the world

Many clubs sell baked goods or hot chocolate to raise funds. But here's how you can make it more interesting: Sell traditional hot drinks from around the world. Set up a booth in front of the school, but instead of selling the usual coffee and donuts, sell a different hot drink every morning. Masala Chai Monday, Turkish Coffee Tuesday...

Food Collection for Schools

Some people like steak; others prefer tofu. Some are chocoholics and some are vanilla beans. But we can all agree that the food is great and that makes fundraising school lunches a very tasty idea. If you want to touch donors' hearts, get them out of their stomachs with these school food donation ideas.

39. Food fight

We've all seen food fights in movies, but how many of us have been in one? Cover the lunchroom with plastic and remove any food that is close to its expiration date. Students can participate in exchange for a small donation and a reservation for a local non-profit organization. We recommend waiting until the last minute so everyone can go home and enjoy.

40th Gastronomic Contest

Instead of forcing everyone to devour hot dogs, have a peer-to-peer fundraiser where each participant chooses their own food to enjoy. They all create their own online fundraising page and share the delicious products they are about to devour. Then they get together and go to the city. Personally, we would go for potatoes, but the allure of endless cheesecake is ever-present.

41. Battle of the Sweet Potatoes

It's a clash of the bands, but for aspiring chefs. In this unique school fundraising competition, a dueling duo will create their best creation in a given amount of time. Yams are optional but recommended.

Collection of school supplies.

From glue and glitter to blackboards and globes, schools need a myriad of supplies to give every child an exceptional education. In response, many teachers buy their own materials for their classrooms. Instead, fundraising for school supplies is a great way to raise money for your school. Keep reading for fundraising ideas for school supplies.

42nd backpack collection

Encourage community members near and far to fill backpacks with necessary educational materials. They can provide branded backpacks for a little more school spirit! This is also a perfect opportunity for a suitable gift if you can get a local business involved. You give the school a certain amount of money for every 10 full backpacks.

43. Crowdfunding for school supplies

If you are a teacher or staff member in an underserved area, local parishioners may not have the resources to be of much help. That's why crowdfunding works so well: It gives you access to a community of donors across state lines and time zones. Set up an online fundraiser, tell your story and share it everywhere and on social media channels.

(Video) Plank Of The Week with Mike Graham | 24-Feb-23

44th Student Art Sale

The latest in our school supplies fundraising ideas is a student art sale! This works especially well when you need art supplies. Let all students make their own crafts - they can create their own cards, decorate face masks, make jewelry, or just bring out the colors and let their inner Picasso shine through. Families and community members can buy the masterpieces and all proceeds will go towards the purchase of school supplies.

Student council fundraising ideas

Student council members have a lot to do, from representing their peers to planning activities. This means they need to fund their way to a fun school year for everyone, and that's where our student council fundraising ideas come in. And remember, the best student council fundraisers double as class events.

45. Giant Pumpkin Popsicle

You know those giant pumpkins and gourds you see every October and think, "What will they do with them next?" Well, here's your answer. Collect the biggest pumpkins you can find after Halloween, take them out and have a run at your local lake or pool. You can team up and pit staff against student councils, with faculty and students betting (ie donating) on ​​the winner. Sell ​​cider and seasonal treats to make it an extra lucrative student council fundraiser.

46. ​​​Send seasonal flowers

Celebrate the people you love most, platonic or romantically, by selling individual carnations or roses (or really wild dahlias) to your peers before Victory Day. On the 14th, the student council members distribute the flowers and bring all the softness to everyone's day. But really, you can do this type of fundraiser any time during the school year. Decorative greenery branches for December, anyone? All?

47. Pack it all

Offer your gift-wrapping service to parents, teachers, and students as the holidays approach. Browse the dollar store for a variety of supplies, or go green using old newspapers festooned with miniature pineapples and other festive finds.

48. Haz rap

For an additional donation, offer to improvise a personalized rap or spoken word poem for each donor. Honestly, they'll probably be so embarrassed that they'll just give you the money.

The 5 most successful fundraisers for schools

So what does all this school fundraising look like in real life? Here are some examples of successful school fundraising to show that it really can be done.

1. Jacobs Elementary School's 18th Annual Reading Marathon Doubled Expectations

Jacob's Elementary Schoolreading party 2021It raised $20,000, more than double the previous fundraising record set in 2018. Students set individual reading goals, recorded how many minutes they read, and asked friends and family to pitch in their support. Additionally, students surpassed the group's goal of 195,000 total reading minutes by almost 19,500 minutes.

2. Arrive at the Plant City Silent Auction and Wine Tasting, which raised over $40,000

Achieve Plant City, which offers general education, parenting courses, and ESL courses, trusted himannual fundraising auctionto help purchase educational materials for the past 10 years. This year the event raised over $40,000.

3. The Fremont High School Walk Helped Students and Others

Fremont Middle Schoolwalkraised over $9,000 as students did laps around the school's track. They raised money for student and staff activities, but also donated 10% of the funds to help disabled veterans.

4. Lyles-Crouch PTA's Lion Fest Raised Nearly $50,000 After Cancellation In 2020

Traditional Lyles-Crouch AcademyLion Festival Fundraiser 2021raised nearly $50,000 through online donations. The event itself included an outdoor scavenger hunt and photo booth, which has everyone excited since the 2020 event was canceled due to COVID.

5. The Norwood High School Craft Fair was all about community

Der Norwood High Schoolannual craft marketis a popular local event with over 80 artisans from across New England. Not only is this successful fundraiser a fun way to shop, it also raises money for Norwood High School and other local organizations. The whole school helps organize the event and makes it a real community event. In 2021 they made a profit of $10,000.

Find out how Funraise can help you with your school fundraising ideas

collect free money

Fundraising for Schools: Final Points

With all these ways schools can raise money, you're sure to get an A for your service and raise money for your school community. As with any good course, let's end by reviewing what we've learned today.

  • Many schools don't have the budget to buy the necessary materials and upgrade their technology. This is where fundraising for schools comes in – raising vital funds and building community.
  • The most effective school fundraisers are raising money for a specific need, such as a charity. B. for new laptops, upgraded gaming equipment, or a school trip. Be specific when sharing your fundraising goals, both for students and supporters. Students need to understand why they are raising money and why they should strive to reach their fundraising goals. And supporters need to understand why they're donating to your school.
  • Fundraising volunteers can include PTA students, parents, faculty, staff, and leaders.
  • Profit margins vary depending on fundraising. If you choose to go to a fundraiser where you sell products, your school will receive a percentage of the proceeds. So consider fundraising where you can keep 100% of the money raised.


What is the most profitable school fundraiser? ›

High-Profit Fundraisers for Schools
  • Volunteer-a-Thon. Cost: $ Effort: Fun: ☆☆☆☆☆ ...
  • Bake Sale. Cost: $ Effort: Fun: ☆☆☆☆☆ ...
  • Raffle. Cost: $ Effort: Fun: ☆☆☆☆☆ ...
  • Charity Auction. Cost: $$ Effort: Fun: ☆☆☆☆☆ ...
  • Themed Gala. Cost: $$$ Effort: Fun: ☆☆☆☆☆ ...
  • Donut Sale. Cost: $ Effort: Fun: ☆☆☆☆☆

What is the most successful type of fundraiser? ›

  • Sausage sizzle or BBQ fundraiser. ...
  • A movie night or an outdoor movie event. ...
  • A trivia night. ...
  • Food fundraiser. ...
  • Bake Sale. ...
  • Selling raffle tickets. ...
  • School fundraiser. Fundraising at school is another tried-and-tested way to raise money for an important cause! ...
  • Auction. An auction can be a very profitable way to fundraise.
Aug 25, 2022

What is the most profitable fundraising event? ›

Charity Auctions

Auctions are some of the most profitable fundraising events around. With so many amazing prizes on the line, donors won't be able to resist contributing to your cause. Plan ahead to get the best auction items and start planning your next charity event today!

What are fun fundraising ideas? ›

These quick and easy fundraising ideas require relatively little investment of time and money compared to their potential results and popularity with donors:
  • Matching Gifts. ...
  • Coffee Bean Sale. ...
  • Dog Walking. ...
  • Text-to-Give Tools. ...
  • Penny Drive. ...
  • Specific Date and Amount Fundraiser. ...
  • Used Book Sale. ...
  • Holiday Candygrams.
Feb 8, 2023

How do you plan a high school fundraiser? ›

Step-by-Step Guide to Planning a School Fundraiser
  1. Put together a fundraising committee. ...
  2. Define your fundraising goals. ...
  3. Determine your budget. ...
  4. Choose a type of fundraiser that fits your needs. ...
  5. Create a timeline for your campaign. ...
  6. Coordinate volunteers. ...
  7. Find the right fundraising platform. ...
  8. Promote your campaign.

What is a 30 pop fundraiser? ›

30 POP! is our quick and easy 30 minute fundraiser! It's the perfect way to provide teams and clubs a simple fundraising option, and can be done with any size group from 2 to 200+! It all starts with our on site Ambassador of Awesomeness leading a team building activity to unite and inspire your group.

How can I fundraise 1000 dollars? ›

The 17 Ways
  1. Hold a fundraising event.
  2. Send a fundraising letter to your donor file.
  3. Host a walk-a-thon, dance-a-thon, or other participatory fundraising event.
  4. Write some grants.
  5. Send a fundraising e-mail to your list.
  6. Approach your top supporters to ask for individual gifts.
  7. Start a viral fundraising campaign.

What is the 80 20 rule in fundraising? ›

Pareto's Law can be summarized as follows: 80% of the outputs results from 20% of the inputs. Now let's make this relevant to the fundraising world: 80% of the funding comes from 20% percent of our donors.

What is a successful fundraiser? ›

Strong Fundraisers

Creating a detailed database of donors that includes their giving history and past involvement with the organization -- such as volunteering, event attendance and monthly gifts to the charity -- can be a good starting point for planning how to reach out to the donors on a regular basis.

What is the biggest fundraiser ever? ›

Stanford's $1.39 Billion Haul Makes It Biggest Fundraiser - Bloomberg.

What are the five activities of fundraising? ›

Five community fundraising ideas
  • Create and share your fundraiser. ...
  • Host offline fundraising events. ...
  • Ask local businesses to match donations. ...
  • Sponsor group events. ...
  • Collect donations for school fundraising.

How can I fundraise with no money? ›

Easy Proven Fundraising Ideas
  1. T-Shirt Fundraisers. ...
  2. Matching Gifts. ...
  3. Online Product Fundraisers. ...
  4. Volunteer Grants. ...
  5. Walk-a-Thons. ...
  6. Crowdfunding Campaign. ...
  7. Virtual Classes. ...
  8. Virtual Book Club.


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