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Biloxi Automobile Accident Lawyers | Smith & Holder, PLLC (1)Biloxi, MSIt is a great place to call home. World Championship 24 hours and for your big championship.Golf coursesAnd with all these activities, many residents and visitors are constantly moving.

Moving on the golf coast is wonderful and exciting. However, many cars on the street mean that accidents can occur. And if a car accident occurs, you can change your life on the second topic.have to speak inWe can help you restart the parts of your life with the slightest pain and the possible stress.ContactWe today.

Causes of Biloxi car accidents

Car accidents not only occur; they are almost always the result of a negligence between another driver. In Smith & Holder, we represent numerous victims of car accidents and their families and help them to search for claims for compensation. After our experience, the following are the most common causesFor car accidents on the golf coast:


With dozens of casinos and night clubs along the golf coast, drinking and driving is a widespread problem. Drank drivers are at risk if you get behind the wheel much after drinking. After the law of Mississippi, negligence may occur, negligence can occur after drinkingIf a driver causes an accident under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Disconnected direction

The drivers should constantly draw attention, and the failure of a driver to do this has brought everyone to the street.The drivers can also be distracted with passengers or when sending text messages or when talking by phone.

Aggressive direction

We.90 is the main street along the golf coast. However, the US speed limit varies. For example, the USA90 in Biloxi has a border speed between 30 and 45 miles per hour.Drive faster. Change of speed, in the traffic and other aggressive or ruthless lEART types and from traffic are an important cause of car accidents at Biloxi.


Drivers with long traveling particularly likely while they are tired.Unfortunately, drivers who hope to have fun are often striving beyond the security point. In fact, some studies have shown that the direction of sleepiness is as dangerous as drunk driving.

Regardless of the type of accident, it is more likely that someone is to blame. In Smith & Holder our committed team ofLawyers for Biloxi car accidentsYou can examine your claim and help you to blame all parties responsible for your actions.

What to do after a car accident on the golf coast

So often that these are car accident accidents, only a few people really know what to do when it happens. It has already been involved in a bing bing or a more serious accident.If you maintain your naivety about you, you dramatically increase your possibilities with the lowest possible loss from the situation.

Accidents of automotive collision accidents are independent of their severe traumatizing. There are some things that reminds our lawyer for Biloxi car accidents when he suffered an accident.

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Always hold an accident

Regardless of who caused the accident, it is your legal obligation to stop your car, to assume, check whether all vehicles are good and to exchange information with others involved in the confrontation of the car.

Call the police

Always call the police and wait until you reach the scene. A copy of the report or find out how you can get this copy if you are not immediately available.

Photograph the scene

If you are waiting for the police, if you have an opportunity, you should take photos of the car accident, including damage to your vehicle and/or passengers on site. This photos can be useful later.

I have never admitted guilt or feelings of guilt

This is important. We want the loving person and empathetic members of society that failure is a big mistake. Depending on the evidence collected, civil servants are assessed by the guilt.I never admitted that I blamed it.

Call an experienced biloxi -advocacy Advocacy Advocacy Office from biloxi automobile accident

They are in months (or more) to regain their lives after an accident, and the more difficult the accident is, the more time the time has to return on the route. Experienced lawyers for car accidents can contribute to the fastest and most painful onebe.

Possible compensation in a biloxi car accident

If you support injuries in a car accident, however, you have the right to increase your damage. Damage can be divided into two main categories: more specific (economic) damage and more general damage.

Economic damage is tangible financial losses due to the negligence of the other party. The economic damage consists of articles such as:

  • Medical costs so far,
  • Future expected medical expenses,
  • Property damage,
  • Lohnausfall,
  • Income loss of capacity,
  • Deficiency and
  • Distortion.

Do not be more difficult to calculate. They are immaterial, which means that there are no direct financial losses that are incurred.However, Mississippi is one of the states that have granted a non -economic damage limit.Mississippi-Code 11-1-60In most cases of personal injury, a limit of $ 1 million is set, and the requirements of medical negligence are limited to $ 500,000.

In very limited situations, it can be entitled to receive a prize for punishment.Have the security of others.

I can't handle it alone?

Biloxi Automobile Accident Lawyers | Smith & Holder, PLLC (3)Many people who are involved in car accidents want to "make it disappear as soon as possible".

In fact, no lawyer usually means that he never receives the money that deserves his health, property and financing. Insurance companies know that they can lie to "civilians" who do not know the true long -term value of their case.

Insurance companies are not looking for their fountain: they are looking for their own end result. And the less they pay, the healthier it gets healthier. They have many proven tactics and loyal to convince him that he gets a low ball settlement and a timethat you take you can never return, even if you have medical treatments ahead of you for years.

Restrictions Statute in Mississippi

Another reason why you need an experienced lawyer at your side is the risk of losing the deadline to send a demand. This term is called the status of the restrictions.Years to submit a lawsuit for the injury date. It may appear for a long time, but if your case is in negotiations, it is easy to lose the concept of time.

Not presenting in time means that it can be forbidden to restore. The status of the restrictions is not a flexible date. It is a difficult time. The dish could start very well if you try to do it after theTo send deadline for the presentation.

They do not assume that their case always corresponds to the three -year rule, depending on who the accused, he could have less time for presentation or other special rules that he has to comply with. For example, statements against state companies have different rules and deadlinesIf you do not adhere to these deadlines, you can endanger your claim. The storage of a lawyer is responsible for sending your claim before the deadline.

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Biloxi Automobile Accident Lawyers | Smith & Holder, PLLC (4)WhomOur lawyers for Biloxi car accidents are ready to fight for you. Let us take on the entire stress of the documents, test and insurance negotiations when we recover from your injuries. We will not stop until you have received every cent that yoursCase is worth, so it calls our company today orContact us onlineSet free advice.

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