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Truck accidents can lead to mass destruction. The lesions are usually serious and generally fatal. Various car collections are in the case of accidents where large commercial trucks are involved (usually called large platforms, semifinals, tractors theater and18 bicycles). Increased in an accident with a passenger vehicle, residents of the passenger vehicle usually do the worst part.

Truck accident victims and their families can see that their lives are changing forever. If you can work again.

If you have been injured in a truck accident in Biloxi, Mississippi or the Golf Coast, the experienced lawyers of Reeves & Mestellyer truck accident lawyers are here to hurt you and your family. They have caused you.

Frequent truck accident caused

Truck transport is a billion dollar industry representing about 7% of the US Gross Domestic Product (GDP). They take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of truck drivers and those who share the streets with them.

Unfortunately, transportation companies usually establish unrealistic deadlines on drivers, which forces them to decide in time between receiving their accusations or meeting legal requirements. This is placed in a difficult place where you feel you have no way to reduce anymore to reduceThe corners to do your job.

Some of the most common reasons that truck accidents occur are:

  • Driving tired/sleepy:The truckers have long dressed the street, and many of these hours are on nights and nights when it is dark out there. After so many hours in a day or a week, of course it is sleepy at the wheel. The fatigue of fatigueDriver fatigue is one of the main causes of truck accidents.The sleepy journey needs to pose for others on the street, the truck industry is doing more to ensure that their appropriate rest work and people with sleep disorders are treated correctly.
  • Speed cross/relentless direction:When truck drivers try to keep the deadlines to be paid, sometimes they choose insecure or even cruel speeds. Cross speed and other relentless forms of direction significantly increase the possibilities of a vehicle accident.
  • Chemical deterioration:To prepare with stress, truckers sometimes use alcohol or drugs. Contrary, you can use certain types of medications (usually called "superiors") to stay up longer. A bad decision that everything brings the way todo a bigger way.
  • Mal guest trucks:To keep the agendas close, the tractor actor is easier sometimes is in a hurry. This can lead to overloaded trucks (ie weight exceeds the allowed boundaries) or charged unevenly, which is a frequent reason forthat.
  • Careful truck maintenance:Large platform cars usually record thousands of kilometers on the street every month. If they are not kept correctly, a mechanical breakage may occur. If this happens in the wrong place at the wrong time, this can lead to a transport accident.
  • Vehicle error:Defective vehicles or vehicle parts are another taxpayer that often occurs in large truck accidents. If, for example, there is a brake line leakage, the vehicle's capacity may have a lot of effect to stop safely when the driver finds conditionsof the disadvantageous road. Frequent vehicle deeds that can cause that can cause this cause, which can cause an accident includes a malfunction of the computer system and tire bust.

Examination of your truck accident

Cases of truck accidents are much more complex than cases where only passenger vehicles are involved and require experienced and aggressive lawyers in truck accidents such as Reeves and Mestellyer to ensure complete recovery.

We will also examine if a defective truck or defective street played a role in their accident. The remuneration routes available to them.

What should you prove in the case of personal injuries?

According to the Mississippi Law, the author must prove the following in a process by aggression:

  • An accident happened.
  • The accident occurred as a result of the guilty actions.
  • Suffered financial losses due to the accident.

Try responsibility for a truck accident

The responsibility of the guilty party can be tested with the help of the following documents and information:

  • The Archive of the Truck Driver Team
  • The detection and scenario of the truck company
  • Black Caixa data
  • Truck Maintenance and Inspection Records
  • Fuel income
  • Mahthütte Receiving
  • Operational records
  • Cell phone records
  • guide
  • Police reports
  • Monitoring images, if available
  • Panel recordings

If you order a lawyer experienced for personal injuries, you may take a detailed examination of the circumstances that have led to the accident and collect the necessary information to demonstrate the responsibility of the guilty parties.

What to do if you have an accident with a commercial vehicle?

Avoid accidents with a large platform

Avoid blind spots

Large trucks have increasing blind spots than a passenger vehicle. These are appointed "Zones"And there is one on the four sides of the truck. Dad, to quote, it is better to be out of these areas because the truck driver cannot see him.

For a typical right/rear tractor tractor of the passenger mirror. If you travel or pass, stay away from these areas as far as possible.

Do you have the right to compensate for blind accident?

Although the blind spots of a truck can be extremely difficult for truck drivers, it continues to be safely directing and protecting other collisions. Blind point accidents are usually the result of truck drivers without experience or without experience that may not knowthe size of your blind points.

Mirrors' positioning is another important aspect of the safe direction. Truck drivers can minimize the risks of a blind point accident to ensure that their mirrors are aligned correctly before driving. Shot mirrors may have blind spotted truck drivers.even bigger.

Edit with insurance providers after a truck accident

Think before answering the phone

Before answering the phone, you should know what to expect from the other. The value of the compensation you must pay.

Decide how much information you want to give

It is important to know what you are ready to know what you want and your health before you say something to it.


You don't want to get stuck in a long conversation with a insurance company. This creates a situation where you will surely provide information you can use against you. If you need to talk to you in advance and finish the fast.

Remember that you are trained negotiators

Insurance lists will bombard you with kindness, worry and empathy. You do this to hold and ensure, probably providing more information than you want. What does it feel good. Let no one influence you and remember that you are not fromYour side. You are on your business side, and your goal is to offer you as little as possible by signing an exception.

Resists the impulse to immediately get involved

Insurance providers are ideal for urgent victims of the accident in order to accept shamefully low injury agreements. You could present the amount as if it were a great gift or insist that you will probably be much less if you hire a lawyer.In your offer. Tell them that you are not ready if you do not accept during this call or in the next 24 hours.

Transport accident responsibility

In the case of accidents in which the truck driver was culprit, the truck company or other company responsible for hiring the driver is trucks and maintaining a wide maintenance record.or more of the following:

  • truck driver
  • Truck company
  • Cargo charger
  • Load agent
  • Logistics Supplier of Third Party Suppliers (3PL)
  • Manufacturer of trucks, parts or devices
  • Truck, parts or equipment sellers
  • Contractor responsible for repairs and maintenance
  • Government department or agency responsible for the design, construction and/or maintenance of a defective road
  • Another driver

Contact an experienced lawyer for truck accidents

If you or a beloved person was injured in a factory accident in Biloxi, Mississippi, Reeves & Mestayer, PLLC.Set in contact with us on -line to organize your free initial consultation, so we can fight for your rights and help itGet the compensation you deserve.

We also take care ofTruck accidents in Pascagoula.

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