Can I use Second Priority Pass membership for my guests? - Main characters (2023)

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Can I use Second Priority Pass membership for my guests? - Main characters (1)

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September 11, 2016

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Can I use Second Priority Pass membership for my guests? - Main characters (2)

Can I use Second Priority Pass membership for my guests?

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TPG readerBrandonHe sent me a message on Facebook asking how to get into the salon:

"I have the American Express Platinum Card and plan to purchase the Chase Sapphire Reserve. Since both cards offer priority passes, I can use one membership card for myself and one for guests so they don't have to pay for admission Has the fee been paid?”

mostPremium Putna Rewards CardSome kind of lounge access is available, but the benefits vary widely from card to card. Some co-branded cards only get you to lounges provided by one airline, while others allow access to Priority Pass orAmerican Express Centurion Salon. Guest policies vary widely even for cards connected to the same network, so it's important to choose the card that's right for youIIf you are traveling in a group, stay with your companions.

ObamaChase Sapphire ReserveIplatinum CardAmex offers a Priority Pass Select membership that gives the primary cardholder access to Priority Pass lounges. The Platinum card costs $27 per guest, but the Sapphire Reserve offers free guest access. That might be enough, but Brandon's question is still relevant if you exceed your guest limit, or if you have two cards that don't offer free guest access (such as the personal and business versions of the Platinum card).

Unfortunately, Priority Pass Select membership is only available to account holders. YesWeb Stranica Priority PassIndicates that membership is valid for the person whose name appears on the card and cannot be used by anyone else to gain access. This means you can't force guests to use another membership - at least not under the rules.

Can I use Second Priority Pass membership for my guests? - Main characters (3)

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Having said that, thatstrengthProfession. Lounge staff don't always ask for ID, especially if you're using your digital membership card in the Priority Pass app. Usually they just scan the QR code and let you in so additional guests can walk through the door. But I wouldn't recommend it. Any staff member who is really paying attention will be suspicious if they see two cards with the same name, and you may still be charged for the guest. You'll also be seated with other paying members, so I think this is especially bad etiquette when the lounge is packed.

Can I use Second Priority Pass membership for my guests? - Main characters (4)

A more reliable way to enter the guest lounge isAdd your companions as authorized userson your card account. Priority Pass membership is also available to authorized users with Sapphire Reserve and Platinum cardsCiti Prestige Card. All three cards charge a fee to add a user, but secondary cardholders may be eligible for other benefits to offset the fee. If you don't often travel with the same travel companions, another option is to enter a guest lounge with other travel companionsTravel declaration pointsThese cards are available.

For more information about lounge access, see the following posts:

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