Comedy terms and phrases... (2023)

A bit of weird comedy terminology used in the industry all over the world by agents and comedians alike.

Anyone missing, or if you can think of any that start with Q, U, V, W, X, Y, or Z, please let me know.


improvise- make up a joke in a scripted show.

Agent- The ones you're supposed to love and adore, these guys bring you money - well, the good guys

alternative options- a list of connector meanings or functions that are not identical to the putative bait, one of which is reinterpreted.

assumption- 1.) the audience's expectation that the first story will continue along the predicted train of thought.
2.) everything that is not perceived with the senses in the present.


Badgers and Jellies -Refers to comic books that provoke laughter by the surprising inclusion of "random" objects and animals in their setting.

Defeat- a pause; pause for comic time purposes.

behavior jokes- Jokes constructed using the character's non-verbal connections, emotions/mood, body language/actions and sound effects.

A little- an excerpt from a stand-up comedy show or routine, also a short show or excerpt from a show.

material azul- Jokes with graphic sexual connotations, scatological references (bathroom) and profanity.

bomb (also see dying)- do a comedy show with little or no laughter.

bucher- person who hires and/or pays comedians to work in nightclubs.


call back- a joke related to another joke made earlier in the show; often presented in a different context.

barber- old-fashioned term for the end of a series of jokes on the same topic, ending the routine with the biggest laugh.

set of keys- an ordinary phrase, said in an extraordinary way, becoming the profession of a particular comedian. For example, "Excuse me" by Steve Martin. or "You Look Wonderful" by Billy Crystal.

figure view- the perceptual position achieved by pretending to be someone or something else.

closing line- the ultimate stand-up comedy joke that should make you laugh.

Weird- someone who makes a living by being funny through a funny character.

Comic- Someone who makes life fun with jokes.

connector- at the center of a joke, the only thing perceived in at least two ways. One way to realize this is by taking the bait; the second way of perceiving reveals the reinterpretation.

Critical point- a specific place to evaluate the show; separate from the rehearsal room.

companies- Highly paid but sometimes weird private events

cotton mouth -A particular symptom of poor performance is when a comedian gradually loses the moisture in their throat and thus the reason why most comedians drink on stage... unless they are just rampant alcoholics.


curls- a shorter time frame for the decoy costume.

(Video) Comedy in Hindi - Literary terms of English Literature

guess bait- the misleading assumption in editing a joke that creates the 1st story and is destroyed by reinterpretation.

Good- Two shows in one night.

to die- A comedy concert don't laugh tonight. NB: When death is particularly bad it can be described as Dyingon your ass (in your hole in Ireland).

die continuously- Maybe it's time to change careers.


edinburgh -School of clowns, every August!


sweat failure- the profuse sweat experienced in a panic reaction to the bombing.

takes- bombing; without laughing


pine file- a joke file.

to bite- a joke.

Gag Hag - a male comedian groupie

Curro- a job in show business.

Graphic- a paper-point scoring device for evaluating the effectiveness of jokes in determining their proper placement within a routine or show.

green room -Any area where comedians are expected to prepare for a show. This can range from custom apartments with showers and satellite TV to bathrooms and sometimes mindless bedrooms.


Chop- trivialized from the British word. Very used and therefore cheap, banal.

maca- a technique for inserting weaker material or improvisation between two strong pieces of comedy.

main attraction- the third and final comedian to be credited as the star of a standard stand-up comedy show.

objection- an audience member who speaks and interrupts a show, usually trading insults with the comedian.


impressionists- Comedians who impersonate other people for most of their performances.

Improvisation- similar to improvisation, but usually refers to spontaneous invention or ongoing comic conversations with spectators.

improvisers- Comedians who spontaneously make up most of their performance on stage or carry on constant humorous conversations with spectators.

Insiderwitz- a joke related to information only available to a select group of people.


jesus pose -Refers to the two-armed comic they often use after pointing out injustice or folly, usually to signal the all-important "What's the point?" You can also move away from the mic for added emphasis.

for children- a means of expressing humor that uses an environment containing a hunch to induce the audience to accept a false first story; and a success that includes a reimagining that creates a second story that destroys bait acceptance.

joke table- a visual aid to illustrate the structure of a joke.

joke file- Games organized and saved on cards or on the computer.

(Video) Marriage & Indian English | Stand-Up Comedy by Abhishek Upmanyu

joke card- The first part of the Joke Prospector writing system starts with a theme, builds a key premise, forms an initial premise, and ends with writing settings.

my joke- The second part of the Joke Prospector Writing System starts with a setup and explains the process of using the bait rate, connection, and reinterpretation joke mechanics to write a punch.

Joke Finder writing system- a joke writing system consisting of two parts: the joke card and the joke mine.

Weird- 1. a term used to describe jokes that are so obvious that one would expect to hear a rim shot behind them.

2. Groupie from a comic book.


will kill- to give an excellent comedy performance. Also known as "Rock", "Slay", "Storm"

Sapo-A comedian sits at the edge of the stage or on a stool.


laughs per minute- a count measure of the number of laughs at a show. Also known as Gags Per Minute or GPM

relay a message- a list of comics to be listed.

LPM- Laughs per minute.


MC- master of ceremonies or master of ceremonies; the person who introduces the artists.

Quite- the second comedian in the standard cast of three stand-up comedians.

microphone or mic- Short for microphone.

Milchshake Brigade -A term referring to the growing group of newer and some established comedians who are abstaining from alcohol and enjoying more innocent pleasures.

Monologue- a speech for one person; in Comedy, a stand-up comedy script for a solo comedian.

happiness- Another word for laughter.


narrator's point of view- the perceptual position reached when one is an observer or non-participant in an experience.

Neurolinguistic programming- a behavioral model and set of explicit skills and techniques founded by John Grinder and Richard Bandler. Defined as the study and mapping of the structure of the mind.

PNL- Neurolinguistic programming, a behavioral model and a set of explicit skills and techniques founded by John Grinder and Richard Bandler. Defined as the study and mapping of the structure of the mind.


observational comics- Comics, the material of which is based on various observations of life.

on the way- continuously work outside the home.

a lining- a joke consisting of just one or two sentences.

one night- a job that lasts only one night.

open mic- a policy that allows anyone to go on stage and try to be funny.

can opener- the first of three comedians in the standard cast of a comedy club.

(Video) Son Of Abish ft Yashraj Mukhate, Aishwarya Mohanraj, Nirmal Pillai & Abishek Kumar | Srushti Tawade

opening line- the first joke of a stand-up comedy routine.

open place- The opportunity to test your equipment to secure future bookings

run over -The situation where a comedian goes over his timeslot by a margin that is likely to affect the rest of the night. Two minutes is forgivable, five minutes is unprofessional... ten minutes or more is basically worse than touching children.


Pause- stop talking in a show to improve the timing of a joke.

filling -A technique used by presenters who need to go onstage with the assurance that the next act to be late is "literally in the parking lot." Many people are often asked what they "do for a living".

Support point- Position.

premise- the core concept from which a series of jokes or a routine is written.

Prop-Comics- Comedians who use props in most of their performances.

To hit- the second part of a joke that includes a reinterpretation that creates a second story that breaks the attraction assumption of the setting.

finish line- the second part of a joke containing an interpretation that creates a second story that breaks the assumption of the fascination of montage.

coup premise- a step on the Joke Map that expresses a negative opinion about a minor aspect of the topic.

physical comics- Comedians who use physical movements (slapstick) during their presentations.

Payment in advance- An opportunity to hold a solo exhibition.


regular- Comedians who perform frequently at a specific nightclub.

rehearsal room- a designated place to practice the show; separated from the critical point.

reinterpretation- an unexpected meaning or function of the connector that undermines the acceptance of the bait.

Red light -Any light that tells a comedian he is nearing the end of his timeslot. Some red lights are cleverly integrated into the lighting fixture at an angle that is not visible to the public. Most of the red lights is the sound engineer pointing one of those laser keychains at your eye until you give him a hand signal.

to reveal- within the stroke, the central word, phrase or action that reveals or presents the reinterpretation of the second story.

Riffing- verbal jokes with the audience.

tear or tear- verbally attack, insult, or demean a spectator or comedian who interrupted or deserved the abuse.

to roll- make a series of jokes to keep the audience laughing non-stop for a long period of time.

Routine- Jokes on the same subject or story that can be repeated regularly.

Funds- multiple memories; a recurring joke within the same show.


girl- a Yiddish word meaning a comic scene or a business matter; it often involves physical comedy.

consequences- a transitional phrase to move from one joke or routine to another.

(Video) George Carlin on soft language

own point of view- the perceptual position reached by acting as oneself while participating in an experience.

Found- a stand-up comedy show of any length.

Attitude- the first part of a joke that contains a bait assumption to trick the audience into accepting a false first story.

installation location- a step in the joke card expressing the opposite opinion on the premise of the hit from which the compilations were written.

overalls- regarding the structure of the joke, the point at which the audience realized that their assumption was wrong.

get away- Perform a stand-up comedy show for little or no pay to gain experience or be seen by a potential employer.

exhibition club- a comedy club with a lineup of ten or more comics in a row.

shoehorn -Artificially incorporating a joke into a passage where it has no natural place. Ex. "...It's funny that you worked as a teacher because I passed a school on my way to LIDL the other day... LIDL EH? Why is it?...'

eye gag- a physical joke meant to be seen.

stage time- the time, in minutes, that a comedian spends in front of an audience to make them laugh.


label or row of labels- an additional hit immediately after a hit that does not require a new setup.

Takes- a strange facial reaction. Like the length that Jack Benny brings to the audience.

Throw away- give little importance to a point generally considered important.

time interval- the specific place that a comedian occupies in the schedule of an entertainment club.

Tempo- the use of tempo, rhythm, pause, etc. to enhance a joke or adapt it to an individual acting situation; African dance and drums.

IT IS- the single, global theme of a problem-based routine.

current comics- Comedians whose material is based on current events.

current jokes- about current events.

cylinder- an old-fashioned term referring to a joke alluding to a previous joke; same as label.

triple- Is it possible, three shows in one night - ask my acts






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