Cover Letter Accounting: Ready-to-Use Examples and Templates (2023)


This is not just one of the unemployment insurance plans you will administer:

It is also the number of accounting cover letters that the finance manager must review every day.

How do you create a perfect cover letter that accounting employers will choose over others?

no sweat

In this article you will get:

  • Two sample accounting cover letters, one for an experienced accountant and one for a beginner accounting cover letter.
  • A step-by-step guide to writing a cover letter for an accountant or accounts payable that is sure to get you more interviews.
  • An accountant cover letter template that you can copy, customize and prepare in just 15 minutes.

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Did not find what you were looking for? See all ourTop examples of cover letters.

To help you get started, we offer two sample cover letters for accountants.

Pay attention to content, layout, and structure to understand what triggers each highmarket value:

1. Examples of accounting cover letters

First say hello to Jessica.

Jessica's interest in finance began at age 8, when she successfully sold her first business, a lemonade stand, to her younger brother Jeffrey for an undisclosed amount.

Jessica is a CPA with several years of experience working in a small office, managing payroll, balancing budgets and ensuring accurate expense tracking.

The position you are applying for is at United Media Conglomerate, a large international company looking for an accountant to join their finance team. The right candidate should be familiar with modern accounting standards, software and practices.

Here's how Jessica's accounting cover letter example shows that she is more than capable:

Example 1: mid-level candidate

Jessica Wallace, Certified Accountant

Chartered Accountant, Chartered Accountant and Compliance Specialist


September 21, 2019

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Julia Clark


United Media Conglomerate

4655 Burning memory trail

Philadelphia, PA 19104

Dear Julia:

I've been a fan of United Media for years and I've been a fan of every artist they feature on their website. So I am pleased to hear that you are looking for a personal accountant to complement your finance team. With my accounting background, 3+ years of work experience, and my CPA designation, I know I would be a strong candidate for the position.

According to the vacancy, you are looking for a Human Resources Accountant to help the finance team and the company to become more stable and fiscally responsible. As an accountant at Jabar Consultants, I helped take care of the co-founders' financial affairs, streamlining payments and expenses and guiding them through their current phase of growth. My reorganization allowed me to identify bad accounting practices and better tax credits, reducing expenses by 15%. I'm sure he could rouse the finance team at United Media Conglomerate with the same eagle eye and due diligence.

I enjoy following your site, reading your music reviews and "best of" lists, and finding unique new artists to listen to. I would be proud to become a member of the team and help you succeed for years to come.

Can we meet for coffee or a phone call so I can learn more about upcoming financial goals and obstacles?


Jessica Wallace


There you have it: an accounting cover letter example that is sure to convince the CFO or CFO.


How about a cover letter for an accounting job with no experience?

We are there for you there too.

Triff Jeffrey.

Jeffrey is Jessica's younger brother, although there is nothing "little" about him. His 6'5" frame towers over every other member of the Wallace family and no one knows where he got it from.

More importantly, Jeffrey is a college graduate and hopes to earn a bachelor's degree in business administration. Specializing in accounting and finance, she has an excellent academic background for any internship or entry-level accounting job.

Let’s look at his example cover letter for accounting practice:

Example #2: Young professionals (no experience)

Cover Letter Accounting: Ready-to-Use Examples and Templates (2)

Jeffrey Wallace

BBA student studying Accounting


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September 21, 2019

Julia Clark

vice president of finance

United Media Conglomerate

4655 Burning memory trail

Philadelphia, PA 19104

Dear Julia:

In my senior year of college, majoring in accounting and finance and hoping to earn my bachelor's degree in business administration, I decided to take an accounting internship program to ease my entry into the professional world. When I saw the United Media Accounting Intern vacancy, it seemed like the perfect position. I believe that my knowledge of financial and accounting practices, gained over years of courses and lectures, makes me an ideal candidate for your internship program.

The job posting states that you are looking for a college student who has a working knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), financial reporting and auditing, as well as advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel including vlookup, pivot tables and macros. During my sophomore and junior years of college, I explored all of these topics and more through my studies. In addition, I have excellent organizational and communication skills and I know that I can bring all these talents together to become a great accounting intern in the United Media offices.

I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you more about how my university courses in business administration and accounting could be ideal for your next financial challenges and goals.


Jeffrey Wallace


You now have two examples of accounting cover letters.

Now is the time to write your—

Let's learn how to write a cover letter for your own accounting jobs.

Is your accounting resume ready to be reviewed by the hiring manager? To see:

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2. How to write a cover letter for accounting job (template) step by step

How to write an accounting job cover letter that will win their hearts:

1. Format accounting cover letters as formal business letters

You want your finance job cover letter to blow them away by saying that your stock just announced a huge one-time special dividend.


Before you start writing, your accounting cover letter template must be properly formatted.

That ishow to format a cover letter:

  • Choose oneCover letter fontmake it easy to read; Use the same on your accountant resume as well.
  • Left-align everything from your contact information at the top to your signature at the bottom.
  • Use line spacing in the body text and leave a 2.5 cm margin around the edges of your cover letter for the accountant.
  • Write a one-page cover letter for a personal accountant and cut it if it takes up a second page.

Expert tip:According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for accountants and chartered accountantswill grow 7%between 2020 and 2030. Those 140,000 new finance jobs mean a lot of competition for you, so don't neglect your accounting cover letter.

2. Start with a carefully organized account letter header

Whether you are applying as a financial analyst or compliance controller,the header of your cover letterIt remains the same.

It's your details, followed by a date and then the company details. To be most effective, make sure it also aligns with the title of your accounting resume template.

Here's an easy-to-use template for you:


Example of a counter template header for a cover letter

[ Your name]

[Your Title] (Optional)

[ phone number ]

[ Email address ]

[ linkedin profile ]

[Date of writing]

[Name of CFO or HR representative]

[Position of Financial Director or Personnel Representative]

[ Company Name ]

[Company address]

[ City (*): State (*) Postcode ]

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3. Introduce yourself and name the accounting job you are applying for

He has an eye a mile away for a bookkeeping error.


The hiring manager knows how to distinguish the best candidates from the bad ones.

If you want to be considered a top candidate for accounting, make a great first paragraph.

First,address them by name. Go to the company's website and check the About Us page or search LinkedIn to find it.

Then,open cover letterIntroduce yourself, name the position you are applying for, and give them a brief summary of your previous work experience and accounting skills.

Here's a template you can use to get started:

Accountant cover letter example: Introduction

Estimated[Name of Chief Financial Officer or Manager]:

I was very happy to have found myself[Company Name]The job advertisement is looking for a[Accounting title]. given that I have[###]several years of professional experience[Previous position], I became very talented at[for example. B. Financial Management, Managerial Accounting, Managerial Statistics, International Finance, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Supply Chain and Operations, etc.]. I'm sure it would fit perfectly[Company Name]to help you achieve your next business goals and objectives.

Expert tip:Arecent studysupports the idea that there is a direct correlation between organizational engagement and job and life satisfaction among accountants and CPAs. Make sure your cover letter conveys your enthusiasm for the extra push to secure the interview.

4. Highlight relevant accounting skills and financial strength

In the next paragraph of every financial cover letter, you should show them how you meet and exceed their needs.

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Look back at the accounting job description and note the specified areas of responsibility. Write a paragraph explaining why you are the best match.

Here is an example of filling in the blank template for the middle paragraph:

Sample Cover Letter for Accounting Positions: Middle Paragraph

In the vacancy you posted[work bag], says you're looking for a[Accounting job posting]experts in this[for example. B. Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, tax preparation, general accounting, invoicing, payroll, etc.]. As a[Current or most recent position]swindler[Current or most recent company], I successful[Provide examples of responsibilities that match your job requirements, preferably with numbers]. I know it can help to get similar results[Company Name].

Expert tip:Massey University researchersconducted a studywhere they analyzed hundreds of job descriptions in accounting. They identified 31 skills most employers preferred, but the most common were collaborative skills and an upbeat attitude. Talk about it in your account manager's cover letter to give yourself a head start!

5. Justify why you want to join

In the third paragraph, show them that you are a financial candidate who is interested in more than just their money.

They want you for your auditing skills and payroll experience, that much is true. But you also want to hire an accountant who fits the company culture.


Show your enthusiasm for this company. Give them a compliment or two.

Feel free to copy this template:

Sample Accountant Cover Letter: Letter of Motivation

I admire[Company Name]it's at[e.g. company culture, business ethics, financial support, etc.]. These attributes of your company perfectly align with my personal values ​​and beliefs, and I would be grateful and honored to be the next part of the finance team.[Accounting title].

6. Stop using an effective call-to-action and disable

Complete a cover letteris easy-

Just ask them to meet or arrange a phone call where you can discuss things further.

Here is an example graduation letter from an accountant that you can use as a reference:

Sample Cover Letter for Accounting Jobs: Call to Action

Can we arrange a meeting or phone call to discuss how this can benefit my accounting experience?[Company Name]and help you reach your next goals and objectives?


[Handwritten signature](Optional)

[Your name]

[phone number]


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Cover Letter Accounting: Ready-to-Use Examples and Templates (4)

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Important points

Let's sum it all up—

How to write a cover letter for accounting jobs:

  • Start with a properly formatted cover letter header that includes your information, date and company details.
  • When addressing your cover letter, address it directly to the finance manager or HR manager.
  • In the introductory paragraph, introduce yourself, talk about the accounting position you are applying for, and briefly summarize your work experience.
  • In the next paragraph, use this area to show how your financial management and auditing skills match the accounting job description.
  • Show enthusiasm for the company.
  • End with a strong call-to-action.
  • Don't forget to edit your accounting resume before submitting anything.

Do you have questions about how to write a cover letter that account managers love?Need more templates? look at theseFree MS Word Cover Letter Templates.Let's chat in the comments below and thanks for reading!

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