La Madeleine Menu and Prices [updated March 2023] (2023)

Madalenais a popular chain of diners and casual restaurants across the United States. They offer sandwiches, soups, salads, breakfast items, baked goods, appetizers, French specialties, a children's menu, and many other items on their menu. In this article I will talk about La Madeleine's menu and prices with some other information.

They are famous for their unique chicken soup with tomatoes, basil and rosemary. They serve the best food with fresh ingredients at a very cheap price.

La Madeleine specializes in serving freshly baked goods to its customers and offers delivery and take-out services.

La Madeleine was founded in 1983 by Patrick Esquerre. He opened the first restaurant in Dallas, Texas, USA in 1983.

In 1998, Patrick Esquerre left the company and it was sold to four holding companies. In 2001 it was again bought by Groupe Le Duff, a French restaurant chain.

In 2018, they also won the Dallas Business Ethics Grand Prize from the North Texas Ethics Association. Currently, Philippe Jean is CEO and President of La Madeleine, and the parent organization is Groupe Le Duff.

La Madeleine has more than 86 restaurants across the United States, including locations in North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and Virginia. La Madeleine's headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas, USA.

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I think if you are a true chicken lover you should also try La Madeleine.wild chicken,hen house, YChicken Chicken Salad. See La Madeleine's menu and prices with all other information.

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Menu and prices La Madeleine

Here it isMenu and price of La MadeleineList you can review and then order your food accordingly:

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modernist breakfast8,59 $
country french breakfast9,59 $
personalized omelette9,49 $
american breakfast7,69 $
madame bites10,29 $
breakfast croissant sandwich7,29 $
Square Ham and Swiss Croissant3,99 $
fruit saladTax - $3.99
Bowl - $5.39
Strawberry Romanoff French Toast9,59 $
Torrijas with cinnamon and sugar9,29 $
Two eggs each style5,89 $
Avocado Toast4,29 $
perfect yogurt5,89 $


Cranberry Melted TurkeyWhole sandwich, 1 side - $9.99
Half with 1 side - $7.99
parisian chickenWhole sandwich, 1 side - $9.89
Half with 1 side - $7.99
caesar chickenWhole sandwich, 1 side - $9.99
Half with 1 side - $7.99
Chicken Salad CroissantWhole sandwich, 1 side - $8.29
Half with 1 side - $6.89
French Sauce with Caramelized OnionWhole sandwich, 1 side - $9.99
Half with 1 side - $8.29
Provencal vegetables and goat cheeseWhole sandwich, 1 side - $8.29
Half with 1 side - $6.59
hen rivieraWhole sandwich, 1 side - $10.89
Half with 1 side - $8.99
Grilled ham and cheeseWhole sandwich, 1 side - $9.79
Half with 1 side - $7.89
peru e brieWhole sandwich, 1 side - $9.99
Half with 1 side - $7.99
bistro turkeyWhole sandwich, 1 side - $9.59
Half with 1 side - $7.79
Chicken, Swiss and PestoWhole sandwich, 1 side - $8.79
Half with 1 side - $6.99
Manteiga hamWhole sandwich, 1 side - $8.49
Half with 1 side - $6.99
Turkey and Cheese CroissantWhole sandwich, 1 side - $8.49
Half with 1 side - $6.79
Meat and Cheese CroissantWhole sandwich, 1 side - $8.49
Half with 1 side - $6.79
Ham and Cheese CroissantWhole sandwich, 1 side - $8.49
Half with 1 side - $6.79

salads and soups

salad sampler9,39 $
Cesar Salat4,79 $
Classic Caesar Salad7,29 $
Chicken Caesar Salad9,28 $
Salmon Caesar Salad10,28 $
Strawberry, Bacon and Spinach Salad4,79 $
Strawberry, Bacon and Spinach Salad7,69 $
Bacon Strawberry Spinach Salad with Chicken9,69 $
Bacon Strawberry Spinach Salad with Salmon10,68 $
Seasonal Kale and Quinoa Salad7,99 $
Seasonal Kale and Quinoa Salad with Chicken9,98 $
Seasonal Kale and Quinoa Salad with Salmon10,98 $
Bilberry and Pekannuss-Wildfeld4,79 $
Bilberry and Pekannuss-Wildfeld7,49 $
Wild Field Cranberry Pecan Frango9,48 $
Wild Field of Cranberries and Walnuts with Salmon10,48 $
Tomato-BasilTax - $4.59
Bowl - $5.79
field potatoTax - $4.59
Bowl - $5.79
french onionTax - $4.59
Bowl - $5.79
pilzcremaTax - $4.59
Bowl - $5.79
Romanoff StrawberriesTax - $3.99
Bowl - $4.99
Salsa Romanoff3,99 $
Pasta Salad With Tomato And Basil PestoTax - $3.79
Bowl - $4.69
chicken saladChicken Salad (1 pound) - $11.00
Chicken Salad (4 ounces) - $3.99
fruit saladTax - $3.99
Bowl - $5.39

Bakery and Pastry

Choose your own croissant box12,99 $
butter croissants2,59 $
Butter Croissants 6 Pack – $10.29
chocolate croissant3,59 $
Pack of 6 Chocolate Croissants - $10.29
Mandelcroissant3,59 $
Chocolate Croissant with Almonds3,59 $
Dark Cherry and Danish Greek Yogurt3,59 $
Lemon Blueberry Danish2,99 $
Ham and cheese croissant square3,99 $
apricot twist$ 3,09
Lemon cakeIndividual Lemon Tart - $3.99
Mini Lemon Tarts - $2.09
fresh fruit cakeIndividual Fruitcake - US$3.99
Large Fruit Tart - $22.99
Mini Fruit Tart - $2.09
chocolate cakeSimple Chocolate Cake - US$ 3.99
Chocolate Minibolo - $2.09
Ginger Creme Brulee CakeGingerbread Creme Brulee Cake - $2.09
Bundle of 6 Gingerbread Creme Brulee Cakes - $10.79
Perfect$ 2,19
Mini Tarta y Parfait 6er-Pack10,79 $
Individual chocolate chip cookies$ 2,19
Seasonal Ice Cream CookiesIndividual – US$ 2,19
3rd Pack – $6.99
Linz BiscuitsIndividual Linzer Cookie – $2.99
Linzer Cookies Pack of 3 – $7.99
Linzer Cookies Pack of 9 – $19.99
Personalized oat, raisin and walnut cookie$ 2,19
lemon cupcakeLemon Cupcake - $1.19
Lemon Muffins 3-Pack - $3.29
Tarta SacherWhole – $34.99
Disco – $4.99
book de noelWhole – $33.99
Disco - $4.29
Creamy Coconut PieWhole – $34.99
Disco - $4.79
Creme brulee with Karamell$ 3,09
Fudge-Brownie2,69 $
muffin2,49 $
jonquilHalf - $1.59
Whole - $2.49
Baguette with Salt MarinaMini Sea Salt Baguette - $1.99
Mini Sea Salt Baguette - Pack of 4 - $4.99
Pack of 6 Mini Baguettes with Sea Salt - $7.59
Baguette-SandwichbrötchenBaguette Sandwich Bread - Individual - US$ 1.99
Baguette-Sandwichbrötchen – 4er-Pack – 4,99 $
Brotlaibe4,99 $

French Appetizers and Favorites

Chicken cakes9,99 $
pasta with pestoChicken Pesto Pasta - $11.28
Pesto Pasta - $8.99
Salmon Pesto Pasta - $13.98
Glazed Balsamic Salmon13,29 $
florentine quiche9,99 $
florentine quiche6,59 $
quiche lorraine6,59 $

kids menu

children's cheese pizza5,39 $
Children's chicken and cheese pasta5,39 $
Children's Chicken Pesto Pasta5,39 $
Children's Grilled Cheese Sandwich5,39 $
ooh la la frango and rice5,39 $
Kid's Croissant Sandwich with Turkey or Ham and Cheddar Cheese5,39 $
Scrambled eggs for kids with bacon and fruit5,39 $
children's french toast5,39 $ collects up-to-date pricing information from various sources such as official websites, company websites, and more. Prices quoted on this site may come from one or more of these sources. Of course, the prices shown on this website may not be current at the time of your visit to this website and may not apply to all locations of a given brand. For current prices, please contact the individual place of business of interest to you.

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La Madeleine contact information

Below is La Madeleine's contact information should you wish to get in touch or visit the restaurant.

Address La MadeleineN / D
Telephone La MadeleineN / D
La Madeleine Customer Servicevisit here

La Madeleine social profiles

You can follow La Madeleine restaurant on the social media platforms listed below where they upload all updates.

Facebookvisit now
Instagramvisit now

important links

Below is a list of some important links related to La Madeleine restaurants such as: B. their locations, nutritional information, careers and much more.

Catering La Madeleinecheck here
La Madeleine bullfightcheck here
The Madeleine Franchisecheck here
Order La Madeleine onlineorder here

La Madeleine Franchise Information

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If you want to open a La Madeleine franchise, you must require a minimum franchise fee of $40,000 and investments between $1,497,700 and $2,343,500 to leverage the brand and business model.

Frequently Asked Questions about La Madeleine

Who owns La Madeleine?

La Madeleine is owned by Groupe Le Duff.

Where is La Madeleine headquartered?

La Madeleine's corporate headquarters is located at 12201 Merit Drive #900 Dallas, TX 75251.

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last words

So that was all about them.La Madeleine menu with pricesand we also mention many other things related to this restaurant like: B. contact details, social profiles, important links and much more.

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If you have visited him before or will visit him after meeting himMenu and prices La MadeleineSo don't forget to give your ratings in the comments section below. Happy eating…!!!


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