The 10 Best Gay Clubs in Las Vegas: Drink Specials, Fun Events, and More (2023)

Emo fenixWest Charleston has a warm and energetic vibe with lots of entertainment. Drag shows and karaoke are popular here, along with an array of drink specials and a variety of games including darts, pool and trivia.

For those looking for a predominantly male clientele, Las Vegas has many cowboy-themed gay bars and a car-themed gay bar.Garage, where you can find drink specials, bar games, and regular events.

Scroll down to see our picks for the best gay clubs and bars in Las Vegas.


designated hall

east of the lane

Spotlight Lounge is a new gay bar in the Mall business district, not far from the Strip. Spotlight is open 24/7 and offers great value daily and nightly drink specials, six 50" flat screen TVs and free WiFi $3, Jagermeister Shots Wednesdays $3, Thursdays Fridays $8 draft beer, Fridays $6 Long Island Ice Tea and Saturdays Jack Daniel's or Absolut for $5 Video poker and pool tables are available.

recommended forgay clubsBecause: The Spotlight Lounge offers a casual atmosphere, daily drink specials and lots of fun events.

Terrisa's expert advice: Warm up your voice to sing karaoke on Saturdays from 10 pm to 10 pm. at 2 am, and on Tuesdays get ready to play bingo (and maybe win some prizes!) from 12 pm to 3 pm. M

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funny pig farm

east of the lane

Cortesia de Terrisa Meeks's photo

Fun Hog ​​Ranch's rustic vibe gives this gay bar a laid-back vibe. Located right next door to Paradise near the convention center, Fun Hog ​​Ranch is filled with exposed woods and cabins that lend an air of comfort. Plus frequent drink specials during the daily happy hour from 1pm to 10pm. from 9pm to 9pm and from 1am to 9am, enjoy two drinks for one. Monday from 9:00 am until 1:00 am, enjoy the $2 bottle of beer, 16-ounce draft beer or soft drinks. There's something going on every night of the week, plus regular special events are held at Fug Hog Ranch, like the second Friday of the month when Bears Roam the Ranch features Gummy Bear Shots and a $7 Domestic Beer Bust with all proceeds in the bar are . donated to the Bears Las Vegas Charitable Fund.

recommended forgay clubsBecause: A relaxed atmosphere and many specialty drinks make Fug Hog Ranch one of the most popular gay bars in Las Vegas.

Terrisa's expert advice: Fun Hog ​​​​​​​​​​Encourages fetishism and the use of leather, but everyone is welcome at FHR. Its rustic, laid-back vibe is inviting no matter what you're wearing.

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east of the lane

This two-story gay club is a Las Vegas favorite. Piranha is a chic, high-energy dance club with beautiful go-go dancers, an expansive VIP area popular with celebrities, staterooms with spectacular views of the dance floor, and a stunning outdoor deck with fireplaces, plush seating and a walk-in aquarium. of piranhas (of course). The attractively designed space is luxurious and modern, with video screens and a small dance floor. The second floor overlooks the dance floor so guests can take a break from dancing to just watch the crowd and Piranha is known for having some of the sexiest patrons. If you want to dance the night away, this is a good place to do it!

recommended forgay clubsBecause: Piranha's high energy attracts club-goers and is one of the reasons why this gay club is so popular.

Terrisa's expert advice: VIP packages include three mixers of the guest's choice for up to four people. The weekend party package is a great deal and includes two bottles of New Amsterdam vodka plus a mixer for $350.

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To perceive

To perceive


free zone


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Freezone offers plenty of things to do while enjoying a drink: pool tables, karaoke, dancing, slot machines, arcade... even a restaurant to satisfy your hunger. Most nights there are drinks or special events like karaoke on Mondays, extra late happy hours on Friday and Saturday, or Drag Madness on Friday, the drag show the club is known for. . FreeZone is popular with a very diverse crowd - the fun atmosphere attracts all types of people. Look out for great drink deals here every night of the week. FreeZone is located in the Fruit Loop, close to the Hard Rock Hotel and a short drive away. of the track

recommended forgay clubsBecause: FreeZone attracts a diverse crowd with great drink deals and a steady stream of entertainment events.

Terrisa's expert advice: Celebrate your birthday in Freezone with a group of at least eight people and receive a free bottle of champagne. Reservations are required and offer excludes major holidays.

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West Side

The Flex Cocktail Lounge has been around for over 20 years and maintains its status as a laid back drink and party spot. With a location close to the Strip, the Flex offers guests a relaxing bar/dance club to relax in, free nightly entertainment, strong but cheap drinks, an arcade and loose slot machines. This is a great place to catch a drag show or decide to test your singing skills with some karaoke. Flex is often described as having a dive bar vibe, but in a good way, Flex is a friendly spot with lots of special events and drink deals.

recommended forgay clubsBecause: Flex has been one of the best-known LGBT bars in Las Vegas for years and is best known for its strong, cheap drinks.

Terrisa's expert advice: In addition to the regular drag shows on Thursday and Friday nights, Flex also hosts events every night of the week: Movie Mondays, $2 Tuesdays, Dragaoke Wednesdays, Beer Bust on Fridays, and Sing-Along on Sundays.

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Wasteland Hall

east of the lane

Photo courtesy of Badlands Saloon

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The Badlands exterior makes it hard to miss. The western decor is easy to spot when looking for this popular country-style gay bar. Inside, you'll find the usual bar games like pool tables, darts, video poker and shuffleboard. Badlands is known for cheap drinks and fun events like The Hump Day Karaoke on Wednesdays from 9pm. at 1 am or the Saturday night beer bus starting at 10 pm to 2 am with all you can drink for $10 domestic and import for $15. success for the Badlands Saloon, which has been in business for over 22 years.

recommended forgay clubsBecause: Stop by Badlands and enjoy some of the best drink prices in town and lots of entertainment and events.

Terrisa's expert advice: On Saturday nights at midnight, the Late Night Tease Variety Show & Revue takes the stage at the Badlands and features variety, magic, burlesque, drag and live music.

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QuadZ Video Player

east of the lane

Located in the Paradise Fruit Loop neighborhood, QuadZ has a pub bar atmosphere accompanied by cheap drinks and a casual and welcoming crowd. There's a jukebox instead of a DJ, and the crowd includes many regulars. The laid-back, friendly bartenders are happy to make your drink of choice, and whatever your poison is, it's affordable. QuadZ promotes "some of the best, strongest drinks at some of the lowest prices Gay Vegas has to offer". All the usual bar games are here like pool, darts, video poker, arcade games. DJs take requests and play music videos on the seven 60-inch and larger HDTVs, and guests can enjoy special events like Tasty Tuesdays, Electric Thursdays and Fresh Fridays with drink specials and fun events.

recommended forgay clubsBecause: With a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, lots of games and no extra charge, it's easy to see why QuadZ is one of the hottest gay bars in Las Vegas.

Terrisa's expert advice: QuadZ always has something for the crowd, but regular events include Cowboy Bingo once a month and Thursday night poker openings with games at 6pm, 7:30pm and 9pm.

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o fenix

west of the lane

The Phoenix is ​​a short drive west of the Strip and easy to find. You'll have no problem seeing the building painted with a colorful mural of a phoenix rising from the flames. The crowd here is diverse, with cheap drinks, cheap (but good) bar food, and regular entertainment that draws a wide audience. Video games and video games, darts, dancing and a constant selection of special events make for interesting entertainment at this gay bar. Show up the night of the party in your lingerie, and when you're ready to leave in your lingerie, you'll be offered an all-you-can-eat drink for $5.

recommended forgay clubsBecause: The Phoenix is ​​consistently one of the most popular gay clubs in Las Vegas, with a welcoming atmosphere and lots of fun games, events and entertainment.

Terrisa's expert advice: Like most Las Vegas bars, smoking is legal at The Phoenix, which may surprise out-of-towners. Fortunately, there's also an outdoor patio if you need a break from the smoke.

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Temptation Sundays in Luxor


Pool parties and clubs are some of the most popular spots on the Strip, which makes sense if you've ever been to Las Vegas during the summer. Temptation Sundays at Luxor features the only gay pool party on the Strip. The Pyramid of Luxor serves as a backdrop for fun in the sun, with music and go-go boys making for a real party. There's a list of guest DJs on Temptation Sundays, so be sure to check ahead of time who's on the lineup the day you plan your visit. For the complete pool party experience, rent a cabana complete with water and juice, four padded lounge chairs, a flat-screen TV, a premium sports package, and towels. Guest must be over 21 years old. The season runs from May to September.

recommended forgay clubsBecause: Temptation Sundays at The Luxor offers an all-day clubbing experience and is the only gay pool party on the Strip.

Terrisa's expert advice: In addition to cabana rentals, other types of VIP seating are also offered, such as B. Sofa beds that come with bottled water and towel service. Food and beverage service is also available.

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east of the lane

Cortesia de Terrisa Meeks's photo

The Garage theme is evident in its name, and the design is as car-related as you'd think. In addition to diamond trim, hubcaps and checkered flag patterns, this fun and popular gay bar features pool tables, darts, shuffleboard, video poker and big screen TVs. It is conveniently located near the Strip, UNLV and the Paradise Fruit Loop neighborhood. The range of specialty drinks (in addition to the food) makes The Garage a bargain compared to what you'd spend on the Strip, and the neighborhood's friendly atmosphere offers a more laid-back vibe than many Las Vegas bars. Bartenders always get high marks for their friendliness and the great drinks they make.

recommended forgay clubsBecause: With a fun car theme and a convenient location just off the Strip, The Garage is one of the best gay bars in Las Vegas.

Terrisa's expert advice: The garage has recently been extended with a new terrace, so that guests can enjoy a drink outside. Plenty of shade and comfortable seating make it a cozy place to stay.

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